Stay healthy at home between doctors' visits with virtual, personalized care

Real, accessible care providers
Easy-to-use technology
Little-to-no cost to qualifying patients
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We combine personalized, daily care from real providers with easy-to-use technology to keep patients healthy at home

We're not just a healthcare company.

At Assure Health, we keep people healthy. Because we care.

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Our expert clinicians use the latest technology to deliver personalized care, every day.

Personalized care

When patients sign up for Assure Health, they are connected to one of our caring and reliable nurses, called care managers. Care managers work with patients and their existing doctors to provide the best possible care. Assure Health has created evidence-based virtual care programs for more than a dozen chronic conditions.

Heart Disease

Connected health devices

We also send patients easy-to-use health devices that work right out of the box and securely send readings to their Assure Health care manager to review. Patients don't need to be familiar with technology, and there aren't any confusing instructions. It all just works.

How Assure Health works for patients

First telehealth visit

When patients sign up for Assure Health, they start with a virtual appointment with one of our doctors or nurse practitioners, who will review the patient's medical history, get to know them as a person, and discuss their goals and lifestyle to work together to create a personalized plan for better health.

Get connected health devices

We send Assure Health patients easy-to-use connected health devices that work right out of the box and securely send readings to care managers to review. The devices will automatically send measurements to the patient's Assure Health care manager, who will check their progress every day.

Improve health

Assure Health care managers establish one-on-one relationships with patients and their primary care doctor to create a plan for better health. Care managers also review patient readings, intervene as needed, and answer questions and concerns whenever they come up.

All this, at little-to-no cost to qualifying patients

Assure Health's programs are covered by many health plans. This means that qualifying patients may be able to use Assure Health at little-to-no out-of-pocket cost.

We are committed to price transparency. If patients have any financial responsibility, which is based on insurance coverage, we always inform them before enrollment.

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Our team is here for you

Assure Health was created and designed by leading medical practitioners

Dr. Michael Hafran, MD
Chief Medical Officer

15 years of clinical experience within private practice, the U.S. Air Force, and pharmaceutical companies

Dr. Jennifer Frangos, DO
Digital Health Adviser

Board-certified family practice physician with an expertise in delivering the highest standard of care via telehealth

Dr. Jaye Noel, MD
Chief of Endocrinology, Medical Director of Diabetes Programs

More than 15 years of clinical endocrinology experience with high quality and patient satisfaction scores

All at no cost,
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