Frequently asked questions

Does Assure Health replace current primary care doctors?
We do not replace patients' primary care doctor or specialist. Instead, we collaborate with their current doctors to help deliver the best possible care. Assure Health gives existing clinical care teams daily insights into their patients' health and wellbeing, offering providers a more complete picture of their patient, which enables better treatment and health outcomes.
In what states is Assure Health able to take patients?
Our licensed medical providers can offer services to patients in all 50 states and in Washington, D.C.
Do patients need health insurance to sign up for Assure Health?
Assure Health works with patients who have a variety of health plans. Many patients who work with us have little-to-no out-of-pocket payment, because their insurance helps pick up the cost.

We believe in price transparency, not price confusion. We determine if patients qualify and their out-of-pocket cost before they enroll. Reach out to us by clicking here, and we’ll get in touch to check your coverage and start the enrollment process.
Are there hidden fees?
No. Most of our patients pay little-to-nothing out-of-pocket.

We will always tell patients prior to signing up and before their first appointment whether they qualify for our program at no out-of-pocket cost or if they have any financial responsibility.
Do patients talk to real people, or is this program run by computers and algorithms?
At Assure Health, we believe in relationship-driven healthcare. That’s a fancy way of saying that, at the end of the day, human relationships are the most important thing to us, and we treat patients just like they're a part of our family.

When a patient signs up for Assure Health, they will be assigned a personal care manager. This person will be a nurse or nurse practitioner who’s gone through years of clinical training to provide the best possible care. Just as important, many of our patients have told us that our care team members are the friendliest, most patient, and most compassionate healthcare professionals they’ve ever encountered.

Once a patient is assigned a personal care manager, that person is available to help patients whenever they need, with concierge-level service. Personal care managers correspond with patients regularly about their health and are always just a call, text, or video appointment away.
How do patients sign up?
Patients can be referred by their healthcare provider, or sign up directly by clicking the "Get started" button. We will reach out to the patient, confirm eligibility, and set up an initial telehealth appointment, where one of our expert physicians will determine if Assure Health is a good fit.
Will this cause insurance premiums to go up?
Absolutely not. Our programs are covered by many health plans. Assure Health’s services have the potential to prevent hospitalizations and to promote positive health outcomes. In short, it’s a win for patients, a win for insurance companies, and a win for the healthcare system as a whole.
Can patients stop using Assure Health after signing up, or is there some sort of commitment?
There are no long-term obligations when signing up with Assure Health. Patients can cancel anytime without financial commitment or penalty, and no hard feelings.
What if patients have technical issues with the medical devices Assure Health provides?
If patients have any issues with the devices we provide, our care managers will troubleshoot, try to help, and send new devices at no cost if that’s what’s needed.
Can patients choose to have health reports shared with a family member or doctor?
Yes. As long as patients consent, they can opt to share these records with other doctors or family members. We never share any information unless patients provide explicit consent, and protecting privacy is a top priority.
Is Assure Health's data secure?
Assure Health is subject to a variety of laws, rules, and regulations governing how medical practices handle patients’ sensitive personal health information. Assure Health, and all the technology we use, is fully HIPAA-compliant. We have also implemented strict security protocols to protect patients' information, and we employ the services of a Chief Information Security Officer whose sole job is to ensure information security and privacy.
Does Assure Health need credit card or banking information?
Because of our commitment to price transparency, we will always check in advance of a patient's first appointment to see if they will have any out-of-pocket financial responsibility. If we determine that the services will be completely covered by insurance and that a patient will have no additional financial responsibility, we will bill insurance directly, and we will not ask for any payment information.

If a patient does have any financial responsibility for our services, we tell them in advance, and they will receive a statement from us, which is payable by credit card, debit card, or check. We never require that patients keep payment information on file with us.
Do patients need to know how to use technology in order to use Assure Health?
Absolutely not. We only send out connected health devices that are incredibly easy to use. The devices that are shipped to patients are pre-previsioned, meaning they are cellular-enabled and do not need to be connected to Bluetooth or WiFi.

Every time a patient takes their numbers, that information is sent immediately, securely, and privately, to our clinical team. In short, it couldn’t be easier, and there is no technology expertise required.